6 Steps Circular Shape Info graphic Template Download

6 Steps Circular Shape Info graphic Free Download

→ Six Steps Circular Shape Info graphic you can download freely on this website.
→ This PowerPoint slide is very easy to edit as per your requirement.
→ You can replace existing content with your own content. This presentation contains very beautiful and colorful Six Circle Beautiful shapes for mentioning your key points.
→ Also, you can find colorful designs in these graphics.
→ For numeric marking or alphabetic separate marking small circle is provided just beside the main square graphics.
→ It can be used by any student, intern, professional, or any leader for their presentation.
→  By using this PowerPoint slide you can give the new height of your career and presentation skills.
→ In these steps like flow pattern you can mention the main subject point into it.
→ You can mention the sub-topics into the provided small circular boxes.
→ This_template is very much relevant to describe the relationship to a central idea that is mentioned in the top central location.
→ All circular attractive template sample use to throw more light on the main subject idea.
→ Uses of this PowerPoint_template is in various fields like, process info graphics, Project management events, job interview presentation, management functions, business deals, tasks related to education, promotional activity, etc.

6 Steps Circular Shape Infographic Light Template

Various features of this Template:
→ Two different unique editable themes (1) Light theme and (2) Dark theme
→ The light theme's background contains a combination of two different light colors.
→ Free fonts used: (1) Tw Cen MT (System Font), (2) Calibri (System Font), (3) Agency FB (System Font)

➨ Download_Instruction: Standard PPT_Template
→ Type: PPTX
→ Total Slides: 1 Slide
→ Size: 65kb
→ Aspect Ratio: Standard (4:3)
→ Download type: free
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➨ Download_Instruction: Wide PPT_Template
→ Type: PPTX
→ Total Slides: 1 Slide
→ Size: 68kb
→ Aspect Ratio: Widescreen (16:9)
→ Download type: free
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Terms of use:
→ You can use these templates for your personal and professional use.
→ You can not use these templates for reselling or redistribution.

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